Meeting Customer Needs

McGill AirFlow LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of United McGill Corporation, is dedicated to helping you meet your airflow needs. We are able to do this because we have a nationwide network of sales associates, engineers, and representatives. There is a sales engineer in your area, ready to work with you at every stage of your job, from design through startup. Our engineers can suggest ways to improve the performance and profitability of an existing commercial or industrial duct system design, or come up with a totally new design to fit your application's needs. Our engineering staff also presents duct system design seminars and publishes a series of technical bulletins and reports to keep engineers and contractors up-to-date on the latest design technology.

To assist engineers and contractors during a project's design stage, we offer our Uni-Duct® Design Service to our customers. The service uses McGill AirFlow's state-of-the-art, PC-based Uni-Duct duct design software program that can help keep even fast-track projects on schedule while cutting engineering and material costs by as much as 30 percent. The Uni-Duct program can design a system to meet specific acoustical or budgetary requirements, or to incorporate a specific duct configuration. The systems designed with the Uni-Duct program operate efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

When tight construction schedules are a factor, one of McGill AirFlow's mobile "factories" or our Duct Express™ service can help. Our mobile duct machines bring the duct manufacturing to the jobsite. This reduces time and costs for shipping, material handling, and field installation. Our Duct Express service has nationwide locations stocked with the most commonly used sizes of round spiral duct and fittings, all ready for immediate pickup or delivery.

Quality Duct and Fittings

Dedication to quality and service have made us the country's leading manufacturer of spiral duct. Over the years we have developed a comprehensive product line that includes ductwork designed for a variety of applications.

We manufacture duct and fittings in round, flat oval (for space restrictions), and rectangular configurations. Round and flat oval configurations are available with either single-wall or double-wall, insulated constructions. Our rectangular duct and fittings are available as single-wall, unlined; single-wall, lined with insulation; or as double-wall, insulated. A variety of diameters, lengths, gauges, and metal types are available. Our fittings are designed to have minimum static pressure losses and to be interchangeable among McGill AirFlow's different duct types. Skilled craftsmen using the latest fabrication techniques and equipment ensure that our fittings are of consistent quality, resulting in low leakage and easy, accurate field assembly.

McGill AirFlow pioneered the manufacture of spiral lockseam duct and specializes in its production. Our Uni-Seal™ spiral lockseam duct is offered in a wide range of gauges, making it easy and economical for users to meet industry standards. An interlocking helical seam runs the entire length of the duct, adding structural strength while maintaining a smooth, obstruction-free interior. Spiral lockseam duct is machine-formed and known for its uniform size and quality, predictable performance, easy installation, and almost total elimination of leakage. Uni-Seal fittings are available in a variety of gauges to match the Uni-Seal duct line.

We also offer spiral lockseam duct with a standing rib. Uni-Rib™ (single-wall) duct and Uni-Rib-k27® (double-wall) duct are manufactured with an external stiffening rib for added strength and rigidity. Uni-Rib saves you money by letting you use lighter gauges that are as strong as heavier gauges of standard duct. This duct costs less and is easier and less expensive to install.

For applications involving heavier-gauge materials or very large-diameter constructions, we offer Longitudinal Seam (solid-welded) duct.

McGill AirFlow's new Uni-Gasket® round fittings are designed to reduce installation time and costs. Uni-Gasket fittings feature a proprietary gasket design which creates an airtight friction-fit joint. Duct and fitting assemble easily and quickly, and sealing each joint with duct sealer is not necessary.

Single-wall ductwork is available with an Acousti-Line™ insulating liner coated to protect against erosion and microbial growth. This acoustical/thermal liner can be used with air velocities up to 5,000 fpm and temperatures up to 250°F. The liner's EPA-registered, acrylic coating is formulated with an antimicrobial agent that resists the growth of fungus and bacteria.

Acousti-k27® duct is the double-wall, insulated version of Uni-Seal duct. Customers use McGill AirFlow's insulated, double-wall duct for both its outstanding acoustical and thermal properties. It is designed with a perforated or solid inner metal liner, a layer of insulation, and a solid outer pressure shell. The insulation typically is 1-inch-thick fiberglass wool, but other materials and thicknesses are available. Acousti-k27 insulated fittings are available.

For underground and other appropriate applications, we manufacture Uni-Coat® duct and fittings. The duct is made of galvanized steel coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. Uni-Coat fittings, also made of galvanized steel coated with PVC plastic, are also available.

McGill AirFlow also supplies products designed to meet the requirements of specialized duct system applications. They include Uni-Stack™ chimney duct for high temperatures, Leak Detective™ test kits for measuring duct system leakage and performance, and our latest addition, the revolutionary SilverGuard™ ductwork. SilverGuard ductwork is pre-coated with a silver ion-based antimicrobial that resists the growth of molds, mildew, fungus, and other microbes. It is the perfect choice for duct systems where indoor air quality is a major concern, such as hospitals and schools. SilverGuard is available in all of McGill AirFlow's duct types and sizes.


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