Exposed Duct Applications

Exposed Duct installation

When a duct system is hidden behind walls or ceilings, the only real consideration is how well it performs. But an exposed duct system needs to combine function and form. It should be both an efficient airflow system and an integral part of the building's architectural design. Because appearance is important, an exposed duct system needs to meet high quality standards. Special care must be taken in designing the system, selecting and manufacturing the products, and handling the materials.

Exposed duct systems are used in many types of buildings, including schools, malls, restaurants, and industrial plants. They can be installed almost anywhere as an alternative to systems hidden by ceilings. Typical applications are in retrofits of old facilities and in buildings with contemporary designs.

McGill AirFlow has extensive experience supplying exposed duct systems. We can work with you at all stages of your project, from design through installation. With our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we can design and supply the exposed duct system that you envision.

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