Uni-Gasket® Self-Sealing Fittings Reduce Assembly Time and Costs

Uni-Gasket fittings will save you money because they reduce assembly time about 30 to 40 percent by eliminating joint sealing (assembly time excludes the time to hang duct). They feature a single-leg EPDM rubber gasket, held in place with a 180° hemmed edge, that provides a reliable, airtight seal.

Uni-Gasket fitting

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Testing has shown that this design meets or exceeds SMACNA's Class 3 for leakage (-20 inches wg to +20 inches wg). Fittings are secured to the duct with self-tapping screws uniformly located around the circumference as per SMACNA standards.


McGill AirFlow's Uni-Gasket® Fittings:

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